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What to expect at the Ga. National Fair

Katelyn Heck spoke with Stacy Campbell to get you prepared for this year's Georgia National Fair and what to expect when you're there!

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Guardian Centers training facilities

First responder training is the primary mission of the Guardian Centers, but the facility is used for a few other purposes as well.

Collapsed buildings, flooded neighborhoods, and car crashes are just a few of the first responder training missions offered at the Guardian Centers.

And who takes part in these missions?

"Everybody from police agencies, law enforcement agencies and military teams," says Scott Brantley, the Director of Technical Rescue who brought his 25 years of public safety experience to the Guardian Centers in October of 2012.

Brantley says other training facilities have similar venues, but he says, "Ours are much larger and we kind of incorporate all of those venues onto one site."

He showed one of the scenarios, involving subway cars brought in from Washington DC.

Perry City Council meetings cancelled

Perry City Council has canceled its Monday and Tuesday meetings.

Perry Mayor James E. Faircloth Jr., stated in a news release Friday that not enough council members would be in attendance to hold the meetings.

The next council meeting will be Oct. 7.

Mennonite Relief Auction in Perry

There's a bit of mystery behind the plain clothes and prayer cloths, characteristic of the Mennonite Christian denomination.

About 1.7 million live in the U.S., and more than a thousand call Georgia home.

This weekend, hundreds of Mennonites will come to the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry. You're invited, too.

The often private people want to show the public all they offer at their annual Mennonite Relief Auction.

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Houston Lake neighbors discuss study on weeds

A meeting Monday night sprouted questions about how to deal with one Perry lakefront community's weed problem.

Houston Lake is infested with a weed called Cabomba which will take $35,000 to remedy and that's just for one year.

The weed isn't a health threat, but it does make fishing and boating difficult, two big draws to the community Sam Morton says made him move there in 1953.

He says investing in fixing the lake now will help those who live their retain their property value.

The Lake Alliance is hoping to raise the $35,000 by September 12th. The Department of Natural Resources conducted a study on the lake and determined that a chemical called "clipper" was the most effective on the weeds.

DNR Region Supervisor Steve Schleiger calls Houston Lake's Cabomba problem is one of the most severe he's seen.

Aquatic weeds consume Houston Lake

Houston Lake is being taken over by unwelcome visitors.

An aquatic weed problem has made enjoying the lake difficult, and the community wants to do something about it.

The water weeds are making this lake feel more like a swamp.

Jack Nash, chairman of the Houston Lake Alliance, says this has been the worst year yet.

"Something had to be done," he says. "If it didn't, then our lake was going to be completely taken over."

Nash says this weed problem really started about four years ago. The Department of Natural Resources has come up plan to get rid of some of the vegetation using an herbicide called Clipper.

The herbicide comes at a price of $35,000. The Alliance hopes to reach that goal by September 12th. All of the money would need to come from private donations.

Central Georgia Weather Watches and Warnings

Central Georgia Weather Watches and Warnings

The National Weather Service has issued a Heat Advisory for portions of middle GA for this afternoon.

Baldwin, Bibb, Bleckley, Crawford, Crisp, Dooly, Dodge, Hancock, Houston, Jones, Laurens, Macon, Peach, Pulaski, Taylor, Telfair, Twiggs, Treutlen, Washington, Wheeler, Wilcox, and Wilkinson counties are in a Heat Advisory beginning today at 12pm through 8pm.

A Heat Advisory means a period of dangerous heat is expected. Hot temperatures mixed with high humidity creates high heat index values. Heat index values will likely reach near 105° this afternoon.