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Perry may remove Gen. Courtney Hodges Blvd. from downtown district

New changes may be coming to Perry.

City officials are thinking about removing General Courtney Hodges Blvd. from the downtown development district.

Currently, businesses off Courtney Hodges must abide to the same rules and regulations as those downtown. 

"I think it's a good thing," said Hoke Morrow from Hoke's Heating and Air.

He says the culture along Courtney Hodges where his business sits is much different from that in the downtown area.

Meanwhile, the same rules apply. If Morrow wants to change the color of his building, he must stick to the district's palette.

"What if we want to do something different and make it a little splashy?" said Morrow.

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Perry Animal Shelter to get a new facility



Houston County kids show off their pigs and cows

Some kids in Houston County are taking to the Georgia National Fairgrounds this weekend to show off their prized porkers and heifers.

It's the 42nd year of the Houston County Young Farmers Livestock Show.

Students raise the animals themselves, then show them off for big prizes.

Some of the kids told us what they love about raising pigs, including one of our Junior Journalists, Ally Watson.

"They look for a square body, a dip in the back, big ham, and their head to be up in market," says Ally.

"You got to get it when it's born, and then you got to get it food, and you got to walk it every day, and then it's got to drink water," says Perry Middle School 6th grader Ben Moore.

"I love having him because I just love him. He's like my baby," says 8th grader Kenzie Young-Claus, also of Perry Middle.

Perry woman wins thousands on 'Wheel of Fortune'

Perry local Jan Morton competed on Wednesday night's episode of Wheel of Fortune.

How did she fare?

"I won the Wheel of Fortune. I can finally say it. I won, I won, I won," says Morton.

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Fairgrounds board reviews state investigation findings

The state board that runs the Georgia National Fairgrounds met Wednesday and discussed a state inspector general's report.

Downtown Perry hosts first Friday Mardi Gras

Downtown Perry held its third "First Friday" event Friday night, and it was Mardi Gras themed. 

    Carroll Street was blocked off, and beads, masks, and the smell of beignets filled the air.

    People brought their pets out and participated in "MardiGrowl," dogs were dressed up in purple, green, and yellow to celebrate. 

    Joan Couch says she's lived in Perry her entire life and hopes the event draws people to the city. 

"It is a great town and anything they can do to get people to come downtown is a good thing," says Couch.

Great Outdoors Show comes to Perry fairgrounds


"I definitely keep this date marked on my calendar. I know when it's coming up," said Chassey Johnson.