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Heroes and Villains
Heroes and Villains

Mike McDaniel is a Georgia boy, born and bred. In fact his alma mater is UGA and in his words “you cut me I bleed red and black.”

His father owned a cabinet shop in Macon that was open from 1975 until recently but Mike always had different ideas about his future that diverged from pursuing the family business.  

While on outings or running errands with his family as a child, he had preoccupations and they largely centered around when and where he was going to get his next fix. Week by week he would wait for those slim, color-splashed pages to land on the spinner racks and, like so many of us, he would forever become a member of comic fandom.

Now he runs a successful gaming and comic book shop at his new Southland Station location off of Russell Parkway in Warner Robins. I chatted with Mike about what inspired him to follow his passions and how his business has changed over the last decade.

Read the full article at http://issuu.com/hoco11hour/docs/hocoaug2012 or pick up a copy of the11th Hour HoCo at one of its many distribution points in the Houston County area.

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