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Perry Business Aims to Break World Record | Families

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Perry Business Aims to Break World Record

by Jennifer Moulliet, 13WMAZ.com


- Mike Williams says he thinks he can set a Guinness World Record in Perry.

- He's shooting for the record for world's longest golf cart.

- The current record is 21 feet, 11 inches, set in China in 2008.

Perry. It's been called the "Crossroads of Georgia," and now they can add a Guinness World Record to their résumé.

13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet caught up with one man who thinks he may have the longest golf cart in the world.

"We've done the ones that pop wheelies and we've done them for handicap people and this was just our next adventure," says Mike Williams, owner of Mike's Golf Cart.

He says that adventure was to break a world record. 

The current record for the longest golf cart is 21 feet and 11 inches, measured in China in 2008.

"I said, 'Shoot I can build one longer than that,'"says Williams.  

It took two years and about $20,000 to build. When it was done, he called Marty McLeod.

"We get a lot of unusual calls, I guess, but that was one of the most unusual," says McLeod.

He's used to surveying property for Ocmulgee Inc., but this is the first time he's been asked to measure a golf cart. 

"We take our total station and we set this, this is called a prism and what that does is reflect our laser beam this will measure and create a coordinate on the back of the golf cart," explains McLeod. 

Then they use the laser beam to shoot the front of the cart and a computer tells them the distance between the front and the back. The cart's unofficial measurement is 31.5 feet.  

"This is Middle Georgia. Not a lot happens around here, so it's a big event for us." says McLeod. 

But with 49-inch wheels, how practical is it? 

"It will run about fifteen to seventeen miles per hour. It'll stop, turn, it doesn't turn very sharp obviously, but it is a functional cart. It is able to drive and haul people, it will do anything a normal golf cart will do." says Williams. 

He says they like to push the envelope and plan to take their record-breaking cart to events to prove what they can do.

"If they want it, we can build it no matter what it is," says Williams.  

Wednesday was the unofficial measurement. 

You can catch the official measurement Thursday, May 30, from noon to 2 p.m., at Mike's Golf Carts on Highway 341 North in Perry.

Inflatables will have rides for the kids.
There will also be hot dogs and of course you'll get to see the record-breaking golf cart in person.


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