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'Less Than 100' Patients to be Notified of Hepatitis Risk | Health

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'Less Than 100' Patients to be Notified of Hepatitis Risk

Houston County Medical Center says it will begin notifying patients who came in contact with a technician accused of spreading Hepatitis C to patients in other states.

A news release from the hospital says they'll begin sending those certified letters this week, recommending that the local patients get tested.

The news release says "less than 100" people who came in contact with technician David Kwiatkowski will get those letters.

The Associated Press reports that Kwiatkowski worked at hospitals in at least six states.

Earlier this month, officials in New Hampshire accused him of infecting 30 people with the liver-destroying disease there. They say he stole syringes, used them to inject an anesthetic, and those syringes were later used on patients.

Houston Healthcare says Kwiatkowski was a contract worker there from October 2010 to March 2011.

They say he worked in the cardiac catheterization lab there and did not have access to medication.

Houston Medical Center spokeswoman Priscilla Kennedy says they cooperated with state and federal investigators in identifying local patients who had contact with Kwiatkowski.

She said those patients required heart catheterization between Oct. 25, 2010 and March 17, 2011.

Kennedy said none of the patients who came in contact with Kwiatkowski at Houston have reported any ill health effects and there are no reports of any improper needle use.

She says they're still investigating the matter.





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