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Healthy Eating Tips For Fair Favorites | Health

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Healthy Eating Tips For Fair Favorites

"I don't suppose you make the lemonade with Splenda do you?" Registered Dietician, Lisa Carter says all you have to do is ask for healthier alternatives. 

She says no diet should stop you from enjoying the food at the Georgia National Fair. "The main thing is realizing that just one day isn't probably going to make or break a healthy eating pattern." says Carter.

But she says there are some easy tips to follow.  "The first thing is don't come starving because then you're just going to go to the first place and pig out on the first thing you see,"  says Carter.

She also says to split the portions and limit the toppings.

Sitting while eating your snack helps the digestion process and makes you feel fuller, explains Carter.

"A lot of times the motto is such and such on a stick and there's nothing wrong with that but if you're just walking around with something on a stick and your brain doesn't realize that you've eaten something."

13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet put Carter's tips to use when she tried a fried milky way, a specialty at the fair.  

A fried milky way is about four hundred and fifty calories and it takes the average person about one mile to burn about eighty calories so if you're going to eat this you're talking about a file mile work out.

Don't worry she sat down to eat it and Carter says walking around the fair helps burn calories.

"Some folks this is much more walking than they're used to doing so it kind of balances itself out." explains Carter.

She says if you are still worried about your eating patterns Houston Healthcare offers a Healthy Living For Life program that's free with a doctor's referral. Visit www.hhc.org for more information.


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