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Interactive: Find a Flu Shot Near You

Enter your zipcode below to find a flu shot in your area.

The flu has hit 47 states, including Georgia.

Free Dogwood Seedlings for Arbor Day

Free Dogwood Seedlings for Arbor Day

The City of Perry celebrates Arbor Day with free dogwood seedlings.

That's on January 25 from 9-noon at City Hall.

(while supplies last.)

Central Georgia Fights Flu Season

It's an early flu season for Georgia, and possibly a severe one.

13WMAZ found out from one parent what she's doing to keep her child safe and well.

We also talked with a Macon pediatrician who says this flu season has kept him busy. Watch the video.








Welcoming 2013: Making the Most of the New Year

Welcoming 2013: Making the Most of the New Year

Today is my first day in the office for 2013. I intentionally took time off over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays to step back from work, enjoy my family and clear my head. Now I’m back and ready to hit the ground running! How about you?


In the past I’ve never been much of a believer in writing down my goals or making them for that matter. It all seemed a little woo-woo and out there. However in 2012 I worked with a wonderful organizer and business coach Paris Love (www.parisloveinstitute.com) who convinced me of the importance of setting goals.

5K Run to Benefit English Teacher at Perry High School

5K Run to Benefit English Teacher at Perry High School

An English teacher at Perry High School has recently been diagnosed with cancer.

Houston Medical Expands Testing in Hepatitis Case

Houston County Medical Center is asking more people to undergo testing because they came in contact with a technician accused of spreading Hepatitis C to patients in other states.

Jennifer Jones, spokewoman for the state's South Central Health District says the hospital has expanded its testing based on recommendations from the CDC and the Georgia Department of Public Health.

This summer, the hospital said they'd asked "less than 100" people who came in contact with technician David Kwiatkowski to get tested.

The Associated Press reports that Kwiatkowski worked at hospitals in at least six states.

In July, officials in New Hampshire accused him of infecting 30 people with the liver-destroying disease there. They say he stole syringes, used them to inject an anesthetic, and those syringes were later used on patients.

Houston Healthcare says Kwiatkowski was a contract worker there from October 2010 to March 2011.

MPD Releases Halloween Safety Tips

MPD Releases Halloween Safety Tips

Macon Police released these safety tips to consider before heading out to trick or treat: