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Houston Lake neighbors discuss study on weeds

A meeting Monday night sprouted questions about how to deal with one Perry lakefront community's weed problem.

Houston Lake is infested with a weed called Cabomba which will take $35,000 to remedy and that's just for one year.

The weed isn't a health threat, but it does make fishing and boating difficult, two big draws to the community Sam Morton says made him move there in 1953.

He says investing in fixing the lake now will help those who live their retain their property value.

The Lake Alliance is hoping to raise the $35,000 by September 12th. The Department of Natural Resources conducted a study on the lake and determined that a chemical called "clipper" was the most effective on the weeds.

DNR Region Supervisor Steve Schleiger calls Houston Lake's Cabomba problem is one of the most severe he's seen.

Aquatic weeds consume Houston Lake

Houston Lake is being taken over by unwelcome visitors.

An aquatic weed problem has made enjoying the lake difficult, and the community wants to do something about it.

The water weeds are making this lake feel more like a swamp.

Jack Nash, chairman of the Houston Lake Alliance, says this has been the worst year yet.

"Something had to be done," he says. "If it didn't, then our lake was going to be completely taken over."

Nash says this weed problem really started about four years ago. The Department of Natural Resources has come up plan to get rid of some of the vegetation using an herbicide called Clipper.

The herbicide comes at a price of $35,000. The Alliance hopes to reach that goal by September 12th. All of the money would need to come from private donations.

SOUL is a community project that helps kids start the school year right.

The Soul Project in Perry hosted its annual Back-to-school event on Saturday. Soul stands for Sharing Our Unconditional Love, which was on display in the message of the event.

"It's also to instill values in them about their school teachers and being respectful and to let them know somebody loves them and cares about them and wants what's best for them," says founder Gloria Johnson.

Gloria and her husband started the one-day party with a purpose and a dream. It has evolved into a community project to help feed the kids in the old field community while giving them much needed school supplies, clothing and shoes to start the school year off on a good note.

"Right now were going into our pocket and making this a success but this year with the help from the city of Perry and different people we made this much bigger and better today," says Johnson.

Inspectors head back to troubled Perry apartments

CIty of Perry inspectors today will return to the Crossroads Apartments, which faced a shutdown earlier this year due to alleged health and safety problems.

Fire Chief Joel Gray said fire inspectors and building inspectors are scheduled to view the complex at 2 p.m.

He said, as far has he knows, "Nothing has been complied with in the past 130-plus days" -- since the last visit by inspectors in April.

He would not comment on what action, if any, the city might take if inspectors find deficiencies there. He referred questions to Perry City Attorney David Walker, who could not be reached for comment.

The complex is located at 319 General Courtney Hodges Blvd.

UPDATE: Houston County burglary suspects identified

UPDATE: Houston County burglary suspects identified

The Houston County Sheriff's Office identified the two people they believe are responsible for a string of burglaries.

Investigators arrested Jabrea Deanna Vason, 21, of Montezuma Thursday after a traffic stop on Macedonia Church Road in Pulaski County.

Eddie McTrail Allen, 32, of Americus, ran from the car on foot prompting a massive manhunt in the area of Macedonia Road and Hwy 26.

Barrel racing youth world championships in Perry

Young people from countries all around the world including Italy, Hungary and France are competing in the National Barrel Horse Association Youth World Championship.

"A timed event, they go in a clover-leaf pattern, just around three barrels. I mean it's as simple as that. Don't knock a barrel down, because if you do, it is all over," said Executive Director Sherry Fulmer.

Jaime Caballero, 17, made the trek from Panama. "I love horses, I love riding since I was little, so I like it. It's another way to, I don't know, feel wild, feel adrenaline," he said.

The clock is the judge and the faster you go the better. Fulmer said competitors can win more than $300,000 in cash and prizes. "But what they really all wanna walk away with from here is that world championship buckle," she said.

New members elected to the Houston Board of Education

Houston County Board of Education now has two new members. Hoke Morrow took the seat for Post 6, while Bryan Upshaw won for Post 7.

Morrow beat his opponent Sheila Ashley with 57% of votes. Upshaw had a significant lead over his opponent Tannya Duncan, winning 65% of the votes.

Both Morrow and Upshaw celebrated with loved ones late into the evening. We caught up with both of them after the final results came in.

Morrow, owner of Hoke Heating and Air in Perry, Georgia, celebrated at his business headquarters. He said he had mixed emotions after his win.

"Actually, I was excited, but when I figured out we had won when most of the precincts tallied in, I was a little bit nervous because now I got what I asked for. I feel like I've got the tiger by the tail," said Morrow.