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Perry Business Celebrates 40-Year Milestone | News

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Perry Business Celebrates 40-Year Milestone

One business in Perry is celebrating forty years. You might have heard of them, they have two locations. One in Perry and one in Bonaire.

It's Mcdonald's Western Wear and Horse Supply and 13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet stopped by to find out their secret to success.

"I used to love sneakers until I came to be affiliated with these folks." says Leon Allen.

Allen says he bought his first pair of hunting boots at the Mitchell's shop over thirty years ago.

"And I've been coming back ever since. Back then all they had were boots now they have western shirts and blue jeans. I buy all my blue jeans here."

He says although the merchandise has changed over the years, the service hasn't.

The secret is "Good help, perseverance, caring,and we think customer service is first," says Gwen Mitchell.

Mitchell and her husband run Mcdonald's Western Wear and Horse Supply in Perry, but she says, she's not the owner. She's a team member. And believes without the customer, you don't have a business.

Jennifer Langston remembers shopping at Mcdonald's as a child, now she works there. "They're a family boss, they're my second parents and that's how they appear to everyone. Whether you're the first customer of the day or the last customer, after hours they're always giving you their all, " says Langston.  

"You start so very small and you just hope somebody comes by your house and buys something. And then you load up and go to the horse show and sit on the back of the pick up truck and try to sell some more," says Mitchell.  

As business grew, so did her shop. Mitchell eventually graduated from selling items out of her house to selling them at a store front.

They first opened up business in Bonaire, after a few years they opened another in Perry. 40 years later, Allen is still shopping for boots.

"He welcomes everybody in before they can say hello or kiss my foot or whatever."  

And Mcdonald's Western Wear and Horse Supply is still going strong.

They're also the Business of the Month for the city of Perry.

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