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Perry Talks Economic Development | News

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Perry Talks Economic Development

Council members and the mayor of Perry discussed how to build their city economically in the spring now it's time to follow up and decide what improvements should make the top of the list.

13WMAZ's Jennifer Moulliet sat down with Mayor Jimmy Faircloth to find out his vision for Perry.

Browsing Carol Street in downtown Perry you'll fine retail shops and the occasional eatery. If the mayor and council have a say soon you'll be using an alternative to your normal means of transportation.

"We've got a vision of having transportation that does not include cars, we have a plan for bicycle trails and even golf cart trails in certain places in town. We're trying to make certain we have the ordinances in place and hopefully we'll see some people living downtown in lofts," explains Mayor Jimmy Faircloth. 

He says they hope to fill all vacant retail and commercial buildings, which would increase the population in the town. 

"They will need houses to buy, they'll need schools to attend, retail stores in which to shop they'll buy gasoline and vehicles."

The city also has over 700 acres available for industrial growth. "It's on a four lane highway, it's right on highway seventy-five, it's current, it's vacant, it's available," says Faircloth. The building is also set up for water, sewer and gas services. 

"I want to make certain and so does the balance of council and the citizens of Perry that the future we are creating today is attractive enough for our children and their children to want to come back," says Faircloth.

He says funding drives what gets done and what doesn't, because the city mainly uses the special option sales tax to pay for improvements. Perry doesn't qualify for most federal grants.
But he says events at the Georgia National Fairgrounds bring a lot of visitors who may decide to make Perry their home.

Mayor Jimmy Faircloth and council members will meet Tuesday night to decide what should top their list for economic development.


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