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Perry Plans for Economic Development | News

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Perry Plans for Economic Development

Members of Perry's City council met to discuss economic development.
It's one of many meetings the city will host in order to come up with a plan to grow Perry.

"The beginning steps are always the hardest when you're looking  at strategic planning and long range planning." says Mary Beth Bass, Perry's Economic Development Director.

Bass led the meeting challenging council members to describe what economic development means to them.

"Starting out with these big broad concepts and then eventually grilling down and making sure that everyone is engaged so that it is representative of the full mayor and council and what their goals are for the city and not just one or two that may typically be more vocal in certain areas." explains Bass.

They came up with priorities for the city including enhancing recreation and leisure and planning.
Something Mayor Jimmy Faircloth says they want to spend more time on so the plan they come up with is actually implemented.

"The one thing we want to make certain of is the decisions we make on a short term basis are not in conflict with what we want our city to be like in the future." says Mayor Jimmy Faircloth.  

The group came up with a vision for the city that will attract people to move to Perry.

"We have a very rich tradition and history in the city of Perry we all love that and want to protect that. By the same token we want to make certain that the younger generation isn't put off by that." says Faircloth. 

Councilman Willie King says he'd like to bring ideas from people in the community to the table and bring families together through recreational activities.

"Once we get the strategy and everything laid out then we're able to take it to the next level and that's what we're going to do and we're going to meet until we get to that point." says King. 

The meeting ended with a homework assignment, a self evaluation for each council member.

Council will meet again August 26th.


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