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Perry neighborhood opposes rezoning | News

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Perry neighborhood opposes rezoning

John Wright is a stay-at-home dad to three small children.

He and his wife moved into the Holly Hills neighborhood at the corner of Highway 41 and Greenwood Drive a year ago.
He says he loves his home and its backyard.

"I just hate to be in the hustle and bustle. I like to be out where it's secluded a little bit," Wright said.

After seeing these signs around his neighborhood, Wright went to a Perry city council meeting Tuesday night. There, he and several of his neighbors learned Beckham Brothers Distributors is looking to sell 30 acres of property that backs up to their homes.

If sold, that property could be rezoned for commercial use.

"That just really has to do with what you're putting up there," Kevin Griggs, another Holly Hills resident said. "Of course, if you're putting a strip club up there, your property value's going to go down and it would bring a lot of unwanted traffic."

The property would go from what's called an "R1 property" to a "C2."

That's least restrictive kind of commercial rezoning and that has Wright and Griggs concerned.

They say they moved to the neighborhood because it was quiet and surrounded by trees, but worry that if commercial rezoning passes that they may lose those secluded backyards and a portion of their property value along with it.

"It's just a big question mark. That's the biggest thing is you just don't know what's going to happen, where it's going to go," Wright said.

Some neighbors are also worried about increased storm water runoff and more traffic through the subdivision. Wright worries he may even have to leave the neighborhood

"We like where we live and we don't want to have to move, but if they mow out all the trees behind us, then we're going to be left with pretty much the Interstate at our back door."

And for Wright, that's a problem because he's open to change, but concerned about what's to come.


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