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Repairs continue at Perry's Crossroads Apartments | News

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Repairs continue at Perry's Crossroads Apartments

New flooring, fire alarms, and promises to continue repairs give the people who live at Crossroads Apartments a stronger foundation to stand on.

"They're good to their tenants and they understand when you have a problem," said Edna Rich, a tenant at Crossroads.

It's been more than two months since Houston County Superior Court Judge Edward Lukemire gave Perry complex Crossroads Apartments 60 days to make repairs.

The fire department says some problems placed tenants in imminent danger even though many wished to stay.

Fliers were posted around the complex saying it had been condemned and giving tenants just two hours to evacuate.

We spoke to Willie Bass that evening as he and 15 other tenants were trying to figure out what to do after getting the news.

"I was quite angry ... frustrated," Bass said.

But he says since that Friday and the 60 days following Lukemire's ruling, a lot has changed.

There was one problem that made the fire department particularly concerned, exposed electrical wiring.

It's one of the reasons Crossroads was deemed too dangerous for its tenants to live in. But now management says they're doing everything they can to fix those problems including covering offending units with plywood.

It's just one of the steps tenants say management has taken to get everything up to code.

"They are really, really trying to make it better," Bass said.

Fire Chief Joel Gray says Crossroads was given 16 items to fix by the state fire marshal and has elected to legally remain a hotel, which is how it's officially classified, even though it has permanent residents.

Apartment complexes follow stricter codes.


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