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Barrel racing comes to Perry | News

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Barrel racing comes to Perry

Southern States Triple Crown brings the NBHA Super Show Barrel Race to Perry this weekend.

The event races start Thursday at 10 am and continues on Friday and Saturday. It's free and open to the public.

"It's exciting. These horses are athletes and these people that are riding are good riders. They're good jockeys," says coordinator Mike Dameron.

Dameron enjoys putting on this event every year. For seventeen years, Triple Crown Horse Feed has been sponsoring the Super Show Barrel Race, and those years he's seen generations of riders come up through the sport.

"You've got to start out young. All these kids start out young. You'll see kids in here that start are 4 and five years old. They start out with their ponies," says Dameron.

That's how Staci Cowart started. She says she's been racing since she was three years old. Her favorite part about racing is not the competition, but the relationship with her 6 year old horse Solo.

"I think the attachment you get with your horse when you've gotten through a run. Whenever they get better and you get better with them that's really nice," says Cowart.

As much as the sport is competitive, everyone tries to maintain etiquette.

"Pull for everybody and be good. Try to help everybody as your same. Try to do for yourself but if you can do anything for everybody else, do that too," says veteran barrel racer Carl Wise.

Last year, he won the World Championship.


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