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Macon Kennel Club holds dog show in Perry | News

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Macon Kennel Club holds dog show in Perry


Trainers came out with their furry friends to the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry for the Macon Kennel Club's dog show.

Dogs are judged and win awards in multiple categories.

Conformation is the evaluation of how close the dog fits to the breed's standards.

Obedience tests the dog's ability to work with its owner and follow commands.

Walter O'Brien is the president of the Macon Kennel Club. He says the top prize is getting to be with your best friend, your dog.

"This is really what you've worked so hard for and over the years. You and your dog bond, you learn, your dog learns, you learn together as a team and it's that journey that you go through that reaches a destination where you look at your dog and you go, 'Wow, we did this together,'" says O'Brien.

If you're interested in teaching your dog a new trick, the Macon Kennel Club holds training classes.

For more information, check out their website.


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