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My Teacher is Tops

My Teacher is Tops is back in full swing. This week we surprised Mrs. Susan Franklin at Kings Chapel Elementary School in Perry.

Franklin previously led FOCUS, a gifted program for students at Kings Chapel. This is her first year teaching a class at the school, and she says she uses songs and humor to engage her forth grade students.

Franklin has been teaching for twenty-three years, but says she didn't always want to be a teacher. She went to college aspiring to be a lawyer.  She says her career outlook changed after a conversation with her roommate.

"She just really sort of clicked it for me and I decided that I would give education a try." says Franklin.

Her students think she made the right choice in becoming an educator.  "She's the best one out of all the teachers I've had." says student, Paige Paschal. 

Jackson Riddle wrote us a letter describing his teacher, Mrs. Franklin and he got the opportunity to read the letter to her today.

He says it's not what she teaches, it's how she teaches.  
"The energy her humor and just the excitement coming into her class every morning." says Riddle. 

Franklin says she likes to reel her students in with a tune. "Anytime I can sing a song instead of getting on to them or fussing at them or if I can sing a lesson that gets their attention then I try to do that because I want them to stay engaged during the day." says Franklin. 

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