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Construction Under Way At Guardian Centers of Georgia | News

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Construction Under Way At Guardian Centers of Georgia

Construction is underway at the old Northrop facility off Thompson Road in Perry. The new owners Guardian Centers of Georgia have been busy building a first responder training facility at the site.

When Guardian Centers of Georgia is fully operational, it will have a 75 acre city that was modeled on the city grid of downtown Seattle, a highway that lead into the city, a flooded neighborhood that's modeled after the New Orleans' 9th Ward, and even a subway system 1800 feet long.

"We'll also have two city blocks behind you of collapsed structures. These will be multistory collapsed buildings that are engineered with structural components, with moving parts, moving floors, moving walls," said Geoff Burkart, CEO of Guardian Centers of Georgia.

Burkart said his facility will provide what he calls conditioned training so that these first responders will know how to save lives in both natural and man-made disasters.

"When you have to respond from sound asleep and the phone rings, you've got to act instantly," said Burkart. "The best kind of response for that time is conditioned training. This center was designed and is being built to take the comprehensive of the academic component, the table top and the labs and the vignette training and put it all together in a realistic disaster scenario as possible and bring the various aspects together that may not know each other."

Guardian Centers have hired a few folks for their facility including Faye Harper of Perry. She is one of their first employees, and she also was one of the first employees at the Northrop facility.

"It's gonna be something like we've never had, Perry, and Houston County is so excited to have us here and this company is something that our area is extremely proud to have and be part of...and I am proud to be a part of it," said Faye Harper.

When Guardian Centers is at full capacity, it could offer as many as 100 full-time jobs. They also would have part-time workers, for actors, playing disaster victims.

For more information about jobs, send requests to this email address preparedness@guardiancenters.com, Burkart said in the next few months, they will have a website up.


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