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X-Ray Reveals Lodged BBs in Perry Family Pet | News

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X-Ray Reveals Lodged BBs in Perry Family Pet

When Kris Plested noticed that Sugar, the cat they've had in their family since her daughter Holly was 10 years old was having trouble moving, they took her to the vet.

Turns out is was a broken bone, but what the X-ray also showed was a shock to the family.

"It was hard for them to see the break at first because of the clusters of BB's that were in her leg in two different areas," says Holly Plested of Perry. "Someone had actually shot my cat with a BB gun, so that was not a pleasant surprise at all."

Sugar's vets said they do not believe the pellets had anything do to with her injuries, but said animals with lodged pellets are more common than people think.

"People are surprised a lot of times when we're going over the X-rays." says Dr. Brian Burnham, a vet at the Perry Animal Hospital.   He says sometimes it can take years, or in some cases, pet owners may never know that their pet was shot.

The Plesteds say they are planning on filing a report with the Perry Police. "It's never acceptable to shoot a cat, no matter what the circumstances," says Plested.

Sugar is recovering in their home, with a splint and is able to walk with a slight limp.


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