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Perry council hears proposal to new business tax

Perry Economic Development presented City Council with the idea of making General Courtney Hodges Boulevard a community improvement district.

That means businesses along the road would pay an additional property tax in order to fund projects in that district.

To be approved, 51 percent of the 122 businesses have to agree to be part of it. Also, they have to make up 75 percent of the taxable value of the property.

In that area, there is a total taxable value of over $12,000.

The community improvement district (CID) would form their own board to decide what projects to fund.

This board would also decide what the additional tax will be, which will be in the form of mills.

The city has no control over how those funds are spent.

The improvements may be sidewalks, street lights, or even security personnel.

Community Improvement District proposed in Perry

Perry officials are looking to boost business.

A proposal that goes before City Council Monday suggests an additional tax to commercial properties along General Courtney Hodges Boulevard to fund community projects.

Economic Development Director, Robert Smith, says to enhance economic growth and improve the look of the city, one option would be to make the area a "Community Improvement District."

"The commercial property owners come together to fund projects in the district," explains Smith.

If approved, it would give an additional property tax to businesses along that street.

The money then goes to improvements in that area, which would decided by the people that work there, not the city.

"It's separate from the city. The city isn't going to be dictating what projects have to be done," he says.

Perry robbery may be connected to Macon hold up

Circle K, 1505 Sam Nunn Blvd., Perry, was robbed by a lone gunman at about 9:28 a.m. Monday.

The robber, who was wearing a hat and bandanna over his face, may be connected to a robbery in Macon, according to a news release from Perry police.

"The subject may be the same suspect from the Bibb County, Georgia robbery at Flash Foods on Vineville Avenue in Macon ... " the news release states.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to call Perry police at (478) 988-2826.

Georgia State Patrol begins work on new hangar

A new Georgia State Patrol hangar is coming to the Perry-Houston County airport.

They just started clearing the site on Tuesday.

"We've pretty much outgrown this facility," says Sgt. Hamilton Halford with the Georgia State Patrol Aviation Division.

The helicopter hangar at the airport is gearing up for some big changes.

"It's going to be a brand new, modernized facility," Halford explains.

The new hangar will be a "24-hour facility," which means it will include a living area for the pilots and tactical flight officers.

"The Perry hangar going to a 24-hour operation will be readily available at a moment's notice."

Perry Players make a comeback


One Central Georgia theater group is making a comeback after almost closing the curtain for the final time last year. The Perry Players are bringing theater back to the community by focusing on the community they perform for.

The sounds that fill the Perry Players Theater almost went silent last year.

"We had a distress call that went out from the current board at that time and we were basically out of money out of energy out of passion out of everything," Perry Players board member Carol Tinsley says.

She says they made tough decisions to move the group forward by finding a balance between business and creativity.

Addams Family musical opens at the Perry Players Theater

They're creepy, kooky, mysterious and spooky.

That's right, The Addams Family is coming to the Perry Players Theater. The play is a musical adaptation of the 1960s TV show came to Broadway in 2010. The musical opens Thursday at 7:30 p.m. at the Perry Players Theater on Main Street in Perry.

The plot is centered around the Addams Family's oldest daughter "Wednesday. She wants to get married to a "normal" boy and asks her father, Gomez, to keep it a secret from the family. Hunter Hufnagel directs the musical and says he knows all the hard work is going to pay off tonight.

"My cast has be preparing for 10 weeks, and I've been telling them every night that nothing can compare to the opening night when the house if full of people and they are all cracking up," he said. "Because this show - it's so rapid fire; it's so fast and the cast gets it."

Perry church says higher fee could force them to move

People who live in Perry and own businesses can expect higher water bills. That's because of a hike in the fire protection fee.

The increase starts next month, leaving one local church fearful for the future. The congregation at Calvary Way Church are concerned they might have to move.