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Turkey callers meet in Perry for a gobble-off | News

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Turkey callers meet in Perry for a gobble-off


May the best gobbler win. Turkey callers gathered at the Great Outdoors Show in Perry Saturday for a calling contest. 14 people competed in two divisions, junior and senior, to see who could make the most convincing turkey calls.

"Sounding like a turkey. You have to sound like a wild turkey. If it's a yelp, then it needs to sound like a turkey yelping in the woods," says head judge Robert Mosely. "If he can make the hair stand up on the back of your neck, then he did a pretty good job."

Contestants are judged on the specific call they're asked to perform, such as a turkey roosting, one feeding, or a turkey that is excited.

"First, we had a tree call. That's when a hen is up on a limb, or a turkey's up on a limb. We had a cutting of an excited hen. That's an excited turkey cutting real loud," says Tanner Norris of Dade City, Florida, "Then we had a kee-kee run, a poult kee-keeing for it's mother. We had a yelp of an excited turkey. You use that a lot in the woods when you're hunting."

There are two methods of turkey calling, mouth calls, and friction calls.

"It's a slate or a glass. You use a striker, different wood striker, and you rub them together," says Norris, "Where everyone else is using a diaphragm and using their mouth."

Norris used friction calls to win Saturday's contest.

"Most of the time a disadvantage. Most judges score a mouth caller higher than a friction caller," says Norris, "But today it was an advantage, I guess. I'm going straight from here to grand nationals. It's a pretty big deal."

Mosely was happy with the turnout of Saturday's contest.

"Well, there's some good callers in Georgia, I'll say that. The dude from Florida won today, but there's some good callers around here."


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