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Master Gardeners showcase flowers and more | News

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Master Gardeners showcase flowers and more


The pollen on your car means spring is in the air and it's time to ready your backyard garden.

Many people took a trip to the Home and Garden Show at the Georgia National Fairgrounds to see how the Master Gardeners of Central Georgia are preparing for spring.

"We highlight our local horticulture, our plants, our home and garden services here in middle Georgia," says Master Gardener Diane Stephens.

The Master Gardeners had a booth to give participants gardening tips. Master Naturalist Mattie Lovett's specialty is vegetables.

"I love the taste, I love starting from seed all the way to my plate, and just being able to watch it grow," says Lovett, "Some things I fail at and I don't get disappointed and stop, I just try it again next year."

Camille Bielby with the American Camellia Society had a booth promoting the Massee Lane Gardens in Fort Valley. Camellia flowers bloom in the colder months of the year. "In the winter, when everything else is ugly, the camellias bloom," says Bielby.

"Camellia is a very important plant in southern culture and a lot of people fell in love with the camellias that were in their grandmother's gardens," says Bielby, "That is important to me personally because my grandmother was one of those with the camellias. I have 27-foot tall camellias all surrounding my house that are over 100 years old. There's a science behind it, but also an art."

"Gardening, to me, is getting in touch with, you know, what God gives us. It really is," says Stephens, "To me, it's not just a hobby it's a way of life. It's an appreciation for what we grow ourselves, what we consume ourselves. It's part of our lifestyle."

The Home and Garden Show was a fundraiser for the Junior Master Gardener program which teaches horticulture in schools.


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