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Perry book sale hopes to bring in $50,000 for library | News

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Perry book sale hopes to bring in $50,000 for library

Book lovers, there is still time to check out the annual book sale at the Perry National Fairgrounds.

Now in its eleventh year, all of the money goes toward supporting Houston County's three libraries, and each year, the selection of books grows, along with the crowds.

The Old Book Sale draws bookworms from all over.

"I brought the suitcase knowing I was going to get quite a few," laughs Rachael McCord, her books spilling over her red rolling bag.

This is her first visit, but she's making up for lost time.

"I walked 10 feet into the door and I haven't moved. That was probably an hour and a half ago," says McCord, as she peruses the shelves in the "Special Collections" section.

"If you see them you've got to snatch them or they're going to be gone," she adds.

Serena DeLee has come every year since the sale started 11 years ago.

"It was much smaller and there was nobody," DeLee reflects on the first time she made her way to the sale. "Over the years, you have to get here two hours early and get a number."

She wants to support the library, because it brings back childhood memories.

"Every two weeks we'd go to the library and take home stacks of books," DeLee says.

And now as an adult, she says not much has changed.

This year, there are 60 categories and about 100, 000 books to choose from.

Pam Yates, Vice President of Houston County Friends of the Library says the donated books are constantly filling up their collection bins.

"We start again in September and work right up to the sale in May," says Yates. "Then we get the summer off."

Prices range anywhere from 50 cents to a few dollars.

Georgette Lipford, president of Friends of the library, says as the state budget for libraries has been cut down, the sale plays a large role in funding

"There have been years recently when the only money Houston County had to purchase new books has been from the Friends," Lipford says.

Over the years, they have donated about $270,000.

Despite the trend towards online books, the Old Book Sale keeps getting bigger.

"I want the smell of the book. I want to feel it in my fingers. I need a physical book," says McCord.

This tradition will continue to draw more and more avid page-turners.

The sale will go on until 8:00 tonight.

Tomorrow is the last day. It will be open from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM, and the books will be half off.

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