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GOP candidate Mike Huckabee delivers speech in Perry | News

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GOP candidate Mike Huckabee delivers speech in Perry

ID=31339309Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee spoke at the 2015 Fish Fry for Georgia Republicans in Perry Saturday afternoon

The event brought around 150 people throughout the state together to discuss the state of the Republican party.

“I think it's our role as a citizen in this country to support your party, whether you're a Democrat or a Republican but to support our country, show support for your candidate and your country,” says attendee Carl Davis.

At the fish fry, several republican elected officials spoke about the state of our nation leading up to a speech from Huckabee. Jansen Balisi says seeing Huckabee travel to a smaller town to speak, shows her a lot about his character.

“You can read about them in the paper, but it's totally different when you see them in person," she says. "And it means a lot to have someone come to Middle Georgia and come to a smaller town versus making everyone travel to a bigger city.”

But Huckabee says he doesn't mind the travel.

“There were people throughout Georgia who came today to be a part of what was a terrific gathering of Republicans who want to get America going again," he says.

And while many came in support of Huckabee, like Phil Dacosta, who says Huckabee is a “good guy that came from nothing and he's made himself something, who genuinely cares about people, could actually become president and not a politician. Mike's not a politician. He's one of us. He came from us, not to us.”

Others, like Balisi, say they are still making up their mind.

“There are other candidates that I'm looking at, but Mike Huckabee is definitely one that I would keep my eye on," she says. "He's got a lot of momentum, a lot of energy and has a lot of attention from Georgia voters.”

”I like Mr. Huckabee but my jury is still out," Martha Bond-Branson says.

Huckabee says he hopes to see Republicans continue to actively discuss how to fix what he calls dangerous times for our nation, but for now, he will continue to fight for the presidency.

“I want you to be reminded that eight years ago in the Republican primary, I carried the state of Georgia, and I just want to remind you of something," he says ending his speech. "If the rest of the country had been as smart as Georgia eight years ago, we would not be in the mess we are in today.”

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