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Georgia National Fair setup underway | News

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Georgia National Fair setup underway

Planning a family outing? Make sure you get your tickets to the Georgia National Fair.

Gates open on Thursday, and set up is well underway for your favorite rides and food stands.

In just three days, the Georgia National Fairgrounds will be full of fairgoers young and old..
"This will be our 26th year we were here from the original fair," cotton candy vendor Jim LaFratta said

Like you, the LaFrattas wouldn't miss this fair - they've been selling cotton candy at the Georgia National Fair year after year.
LaFratta said there are many variables that go into how long it takes to get set up.

"Depends on what the weather's like when you get here. If the weather is rainy and nasty, you know you're not gonna do a whole lot that day. You kind of put it off until the next day. You just do things that you have to do. It usually takes a couple of days," LaFratta said.

He and his wife travel from fair to fair and said the Georgia National Fairgrounds is one of the best facilities he's seen as far as design and access, making setup easier.

"You really don't have a lot of problems setting up here. The staff is very accommodating and professional, and if you've been here any length of time, you know the drill," LaFratta said.

Food vendors aren't the only ones getting ready for the gates to open. Attractions like the antique tractor clubs exhibit are getting all lined up, but the weather hasn't been helpful.

"This year, we're a little slow, as you can see, because of the rain. It was like a swamp out here when we first started. The weather's getting better. Hopefully, we'll have more people out," Jerry Love said.

Both Love and LaFratta are hopeful for better weather because that means better attendance.

"The more people that show up, attend the event, enjoy themselves, the better your business. If you get the weather the rest is usually history," LaFratta said.


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