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Presidential Peanut Poll at the Georgia National Fair | News

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Presidential Peanut Poll at the Georgia National Fair

You've heard a lot of talk in the past about Iowa's Presidential Straw Poll, but now Georgia is starting its own political tradition at the Georgia National Fair.


Rides and food aren't the only attractions at the Georgia National Fair. Politics will take center stage with a new addition.

"We were dying to come up here, and when we heard about the Peanut Poll, we thought that would be the first thing we would do," first time fair visitor Martha Sullivan said.

She was one of the first to take part in the Peanut Poll, which asks people their choice to be the next president.

It's organized by Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp.

"We're really hoping that a lot of people come by and vote when they come to the fair to raise awareness about the primary that's coming up, to raise awareness about voter registration, and all of those things leading up the presidential election," Kemp said.

All you have to do is walk inside the Georgia Grown building, pick up a peanut, and drop it in the jar for the candidate you want to win the Georgia Peanut Poll.

"I can't wait to see with the 500,000 people coming here this week who people will vote for, and I voted for Carly because I want her to be the first woman president," Sullivan said

Georgia, along with six other states, will make up the SEC Presidential Primary on March 1, 2016.

Until then, the Peanut Poll is a fun way to tap into the minds of voters before the race really gets heated up.

"I think it will be interesting to see how Georgians vote," Sullivan said.

There's a jar for every candidate and two for undecided voters one for each party.

"Every day, we'll have a running tally, and then you'll be able to follow that on our website and social media as well, so we'll keep a running tally the whole fair," Kemp said.

While unscientific, the Peanut Poll adds a little flavor to the average offerings of the fair.



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