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What Are Your Questions on the Supreme Court's Healthcare Decision?

What Are Your Questions on the Supreme Court's Healthcare Decision?

The Supreme Court upheld the health care law today in a splintered, complex opinion that appears to give President Obama a major victory.

What questions remain in your mind regarding the Supreme Court's decision? 

We are working to explore how this affects you. 

Comment below in the Comment Section to share your thoughts.  

Houston County Qualifiers for 2012 Local Elections

Houston County Qualifiers for 2012 Local Elections


Another election season is underway in Houston County, but for most of the candidates for local races, there's no competition. In fact, only two of the 13 posts are contested at all. Get up to date with this complete list of qualifiers for this year's local elections.


Houston County Board of Education, Post 7 (At-large) (non-partisan)

David “Dave” McMahan

Andy Rodriguez

Griff Clements



Amy E. Smith – Incumbent

Carl A. Veline, Jr.


Judge of the Probate Court

Janice Davidson Spires – R – Incumbent – Unopposed


Clerk of Superior Court

Carolyn V. Sullivan – R – Incumbent – Unopposed


Houston County Sheriff

Cullen Talton – R – Incumbent – Unopposed


Houston County Tax Commissioner

Austin Scott Facing Free Ride to Second Term


Austin Scott apparently has a free ride to a second term in Congress.

No Republicans or Democrats qualified to challenge the Republican from Ashburn in the Eighth Congressional District. Qualifying for Georgia's congressional races ended at noon Friday.

Houston County Candidates Qualify for July Primary

Election season is in full swing for Houston County. This July 31, voters will decide the races for Houston County Board of Education seats for Districts 1, 3, 5 and At-Large, as well as Judge of the Magistrate Court and a special election for Solicitor General.

By the end of qualifying Friday, there are only two contested races. 

The most heated is a three-way grapple for the Post 7 At-Large seat on the Board of Education between David "Dave" McMahan, Griff Clements and Andy Rodriguez.

The other is the special election for Solicitor General between Amy E. Smith and Carl A. Veline, Jr. Last year, Smith was appointed to finish the unexpired term for Rob Tawse who retired.

Races Set for 10 General Assembly Seats

Central Georgia voters will decide five state House races and five Senate races during this election season.

Meanwhile, 10 representatives and three senators face no opposition.

Qualifying for the state Senate and state Representative races ended at noon Friday.

Here are the qualifiers.

In State Senate District 18, incumbent Cecil Staton, a Macon Republican, has a challenger:Thomaston physician Spencer Price. They'll meet in the July 31 Republican primary and the winner has no opposition in November.

Houston County's Last Elected Democrat Turns to GOP

Houston County's slate of elected officials has gone all-Republican.

The last elected Democrat in the county, superior court clerk Carolyn Sullivan,. qualified Wednesday to run instead as a Republican.

Sullivan says she was a lifelong Democrat, but could no longer support the party's agenda or President Obama.

"I'm concerned about the direction the country is going in, and I felt that if I put myself down as a Democrat, I would be supporting that," she said.

She said she was particularly concerned about the nation's inability to reduce its debt.

County GOP chairman Aaron Hufstetler says  Houston County was predominately Democrat when he came to town in the 1980s, but the tide has gradually turned.

Hufstetler says all of the party's elected Republicans qualified Wednesday morning, including judges, the tax commissioner, three county commissioners and Sheriff Cullen Talton.